Empowering therapists

Synopsis team

Introducing new features in Synopsis to improve the patient experience and productivity for therapists. Custom therapy activities, Calendar for session scheduling and guardians for your patients. Our exciting new features.

Empowering Therapists

  • Create custom therapy activities

    We are thrilled to announce a new feature that allows users to create their own therapy activities on top of the activities we provide.

    This feature gives users more flexibility and control over their therapy sessions, allowing them to tailor their sessions to the specific needs of their patients.

    By providing this new level of customization, we aim to help users achieve better outcomes and provide more effective therapy. Additionally, creating custom therapy activities will also help in building a more personalized therapy plan for each patient, which is essential in improving the overall patient experience.

  • Introducing Calendar for session scheduling

    We understand that keeping track of sessions can be daunting.

    This new feature will allow users to easily schedule and manage sessions, making it easier for them to stay organized and on top of upcoming appointments.

    By providing a centralized location for scheduling, we hope to save users time and reduce the chance of double-booking or missing an appointment.

  • Now patients have guardians

    The well-being of patients is of the utmost importance to us, and that's why we have added a guardian entity to the patient creation flow.

    This will allow users to specify a guardian for a patient, such as a parent or legal guardian. This will help ensure that the patient's best interests are taken into account and that proper consent is obtained.

    By providing this extra level of protection, we hope to provide a better experience for your patients and their families.

We hope that these new features will make our platform more user-friendly and will help you be more productive and efficient in your work.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, we'd love to hear them. Don't be shy, just drop us a message!