Your patients come first

we handle the rest.

Streamline the process of managing your practice, with a modern solution build to simplify your workflow.


Innovative features

Groundbreaking features that elevate your therapy

and drive remarkable results


Session scheduling

Focus on meeting, not on scheduling. Use our scheduling and availability feature to book and manage all your sessions.


Smart notes

Revolutionize your therapeutic approach with AI-powered sentiment analysis, providing insights to enhance your care and drive better outcomes.



Expand your reach and increase your flexibility with secure and easy to use video sessions.

Therapy plan

Create custom therapy plans with personalized activities to guide your patient's therapy journey.

Patient management

Manage your patients and their data with ease. Use our profile feature to keep track of their progress and history.

Patient questionnaires

Create custom questionnaires to gather patient screening information and track their progress.

Everything you

need to know

We encrypt all data and ensure it is stored securely, to make sure only you have access to it.

For the time being, we are focusing on individual therapists. We are working on features that will allow you to manage multiple therapists under one account. Stay tuned!

Our patient sharing feature is almost there! You will be able to share patients with other therapists in your team, and collaborate on their therapy.

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