Introducing the enhanced therapy plan (May 2023)

Synopsis team

Introducing our enhanced therapy plan, empowering therapists to deliver truly personalized therapy sessions. Discover how tailored goals, customized activities, and adjustable assistance levels can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Introducing the enhanced therapy plan (May 2023)

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our enhanced therapy plan, designed to provide therapists with powerful tools and customization options to deliver personalized therapy sessions. With this update, therapists can now tailor goals, assign activities, and customize assistance levels to meet the unique needs of their patients. It empowers therapists to create more effective and engaging therapy experiences. Let's delve into the three key steps of this plan:

  • Tailored Goals

Therapists now have the ability to choose goals that align with their specific profession and their patient's therapy requirements. Whether you are a physical therapist focusing on mobility or an occupational therapist addressing daily living skills, our therapy plan allows you to select goals that best suit your expertise. This customization ensures that therapy sessions are highly targeted and aligned with desired outcomes.

  • Activity Assignment

The second step is the assignment of activities. Synopsis offers a comprehensive library of pre-built activities designed to support various therapy domains. These activities cover a wide range of exercises, cognitive tasks, and interactive simulations to engage patients in their therapy journey. Additionally, therapists can also create custom activities to cater to the specific needs of their patients, providing a truly personalized experience.

  • Assistance Levels and Assignment Parameters

To further enhance customization, therapists can now determine the level of assistance required for each assigned activity. This feature allows therapists to precisely control the amount of guidance or support a patient needs, ensuring therapy sessions are appropriately challenging while promoting progress and independence. Additionally, therapists can set completion criteria and define the ideal action retention time for each assignment, promoting consistency and optimal therapy outcomes.

With the our therapy plan, therapists can unlock the full potential of therapy sessions, tailoring goals, activities, and assistance levels to meet the unique needs of each patient. This level of customization empowers therapists to create engaging and effective therapy experiences, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our app and features to support therapists in their vital work. Stay tuned for future updates and improvements as we strive to provide the best therapy management platform possible.

Happy therapy!