Sprechen Sie Deutsch? ( December 2023 )

Synopsis team

Synopsis is excited to open its doors to German-speaking users with a new significant update. Our health tech app is now fully localized, allowing therapists to access features and resources in German, further expanding our global reach.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? ( December 2023 )

Guten Tag! We're excited to announce a significant update that opens the doors of Synopsis to German-speaking users: Synopsis is now fully localized in German. This enhancement is part of our ongoing commitment to making our app accessible and user-friendly for therapists around the globe.

German Language Support

With the German language option, users can navigate the app, access features, and utilize resources entirely in German. From the dashboard to support articles, every aspect of the app has been meticulously translated to provide a seamless experience for German-speaking professionals.

We're thrilled to welcome German-speaking therapists to Synopsis with open arms.

Auf Wiedersehen, and thank you for your support! Stay tuned for more updates.