Introducing Teletherapy ( December 2023 )

Synopsis team

Synopsis introduces Teletherapy, a game-changing feature that empowers therapists to transcend physical boundaries and connect with patients seamlessly from anywhere. With persistent meetings for recurring sessions and one-off meeting URLs, Teletherapy offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience in therapy sessions. Join the Synopsis community today and experience the future of therapy management.

Introducing Teletherapy ( December 2023 )

We're thrilled to announce a game-changing feature that's set to revolutionize the way you manage therapy sessions: Teletherapy has arrived at Synopsis!

In today's fast-paced world, flexibility and convenience in healthcare are more important than ever. We understand that your work as therapists is critical, and the need to adapt to the evolving landscape of therapy is paramount. That's why we've been hard at work creating a feature that empowers you to transcend physical boundaries and connect with your patients seamlessly, no matter where they are.

Persistent meetings for recurring sessions

Say goodbye to the hassle of setting up a new call for each session. With our new persistent call feature, you can establish a consistent virtual space for recurring events. This means you can create a single, stable meeting link for each recurring therapy session, which patients can use to join their appointments every time. It's therapy that's as reliable and regular as your in-person sessions, but with the added benefit of being accessible from anywhere.

One-off meetings

We also recognize that not all therapy sessions follow a set schedule. Sometimes, you need the flexibility to arrange one-time meetings or connect with one of the guardians of your patients. Our one-off meetings are the perfect solution. These unique, secure links are generated for specific sessions or patients, ensuring privacy and ease of access for those special circumstances.

As we reach this significant milestone in our app's history, Synopsis once again demonstrates that it is far more than just an app; it's a companion in your journey to deliver compassionate, effective therapy.

Stay tuned for more enhancements, and as always, we welcome your feedback. Thank you for being a part of the Synopsis community!